“Peaceful Investing” Workshop-on-Demand

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Online videos of a full-day workshop of our stock analysis approach “Peaceful Investing”: how to analyse stocks, which stocks to buy, what price to pay, how many stocks to buy, how to monitor stocks, when to sell etc. It focuses on key concepts both for a beginner and seasoned investor using real companies as examples. It explains financial concepts in a very simple manner especially for investors from a non-finance background.



You can watch a FREE Sample Video (16 min) of the workshop where we have discussed the basics of balance sheet along with fund flow analysis here:


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Premium Section: “Workshop on Demand”

Subscription to this service provides access to the premium page: “Workshop on Demand”which contains the videos of the full-day workshop having a total duration of about 9h:30m.

These videos are divided into the following subsections for easy access and revision:

  1. The Foundation:
    • A) Introduction to Peaceful Investing (24m:31s)
    • B) Demonstration to Screener.in website and its Export to Excel Feature (28m:56s)
    • C) Using Credit Rating Reports for Stock Analysis (38m:11s)
  2. Financial Analysis:
    • A) Analysis of Profit & Loss Statement (1h:12m:37s)
    • B) Analysis of Balance Sheet (27m:14s)
    • C) Analysis of Cash Flow Statement (27m:24s)
    • D) Combining Different Financial Statements (22m:40s)
  3. Business & Industry Analysis (21m:55s)
  4. Valuation Analysis (20m:17s)
  5. The margin of Safety Assessment: Deciding what price to pay for a stock (1h:08m:03s)
  6. Management Analysis (1h:15m:07s)
  7. Portfolio Management: (How to monitor the stocks, How many stocks to own, When to sell, Stocks which are ideal for part-time investors) (51m:54s)
  8. Q&A (1h:24m:38s)


About “Peaceful Investing” Workshop

The workshop covers detailed elaboration of our fundamental stocks analysis approach: “Peaceful Investing”, using live examples of companies to illustrate different investing concepts and parameters. It has detailed discussions on all the aspects of a stock investor’s journey like:

  • How to shortlist stocks for analysis out of more than 5,000 listed stocks
  • How to conduct a detailed analysis of stocks across key parameters like financial, business, valuation and management assessment to find fundamentally sound stocks
  • How to read key financial statements like profit & loss statement, balance sheet, cash flow statements and notes in the annual report
  • Once a fundamentally strong stock is found, then how to decide what is an appropriate price to pay for it
  • Once an investor has bought stock in her portfolio, then what steps to follow and which resources to use to properly monitor the stock to avoid negative surprises
  • How many stocks to own in the portfolio and how much money to allocate to stock in the portfolio
  • How to decide about taking a sell decision about a stock

The workshop covers a detailed analysis of various sources of information available to investors like annual reports, quarterly results, credit rating reports, online financial resources like Screener.

Our stock analysis & selection approach has evolved over our stocks investing journey of more than 10 years while we had a full-time job at hand. We have faced all the major challenges, which are faced by retail/part-time investors. Therefore, the “Peaceful Investing” approach focuses on addressing those hurdles acknowledging the primary challenge being the scarcity of time available with the investors.

“Peaceful Investing” workshop makes investors confident about stock decisions to ensure that our faith would not shake with day-to-day market price fluctuations and we would be able to reap true benefits of stock markets to fulfil our dream of financial independence.

The workshop helps an investor learn in-depth analysis of stocks that would help her make her own opinion about the strengths & weaknesses of any stock. The participants would be able to use the stock analysis with their preferred stock selection approach like value investing or growth investing.

The workshop covers the basics of investing and simultaneously focuses on key concepts needed for stock analysis both for a beginner and seasoned stock investor. We believe that a person does not need to have an educational background in finance to be a good stock investor and the workshop is designed keeping this in mind.

Points to Note:

  • Purchase of Workshop-on-Demand subscription allows access to ONLINE viewing of the workshop videos during the period of subscription. Subscribers may watch the videos as many times as they can during the period of subscription.
  • The access to videos would be automatically revoked once the subscription period is over unless renewal is done
  • Subscribers may ask us their queries by email at vijay.malik@drvijaymalik.com
  • No CD/DVD would be sent to subscribers
  • Subscribers would NOT be able to download the videos
  • We will NOT be able to share the presentations used in the workshop

Key instructions to subscribers:

  • Once this premium service is availed, then there is no provision of any refund of the fee or the cancellation of the service during the period of subscription.


Important aspects of Stock Analysis Excel Template (Screener.in)

1) The excel sheet is for the sole use of the buyer from www.drvijaymalik.com. Any copying and sharing of this excel sheet are strictly prohibited.

2) This purchase is limited to the current version of the excel sheet only. Any future updates/versions of the excel sheet need to be bought separately.

If in future, because of any reasons, Screener changes the format of data it provides in the “Data Sheet” or makes this template invalid, then I would not be able to provide resolution of the issues in this excel template.

In such a scenario, I might come up with a new version of the excel template. However, the new version needs to be bought separately by the users.

3) In the original versions of the excel template sheet, all the formula links were locked for editing. However, after a request from investors, now all the formula links are unlocked. Nevertheless, I suggest that investors should not make any change to any formula/sheet in this excel workbook. Any change might lead to corruption of the formula links and might lead to erroneous results

4) Investors may use the app “Google Sheets” to open the excel template on mobile devices.


How to upload the Stock Analysis Excel Template on Screener

  • The excel template does NOT require a premium subscription of Screener. You may use it with the FREE account of Screener.
  • After logging into Screener website, an investor should upload this excel template on the following link: https://www.screener.in/excel/ . On this page, first, click on the “Reset Customization” button to clear all previous modifications and only after reset customization, upload the excel template in the Screener account.
  • You may read the following article for step-by-step instructions along with screenshots: How to Use Screener.in “Export to Excel” Tool


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the next steps to continue learning after watching these videos?

Ans. Once an investor has watched the videos, then she should focus on conducting stock analysis on her own. She should submit her analysis to us for our inputs. We provide inputs to the analysis submitted to us in the form of articles on our website.

An investor may read such “Company Analysis” articles on our website here: Company Analysis


Q. We understand that the “Peaceful Investing” Workshop-on-Demand subscription allows us the access to watch the videos of 9hr:30m of the complete full-day “Peaceful Investing” workshop, which you have recorded.

In case, in future, you launch any advanced level thematic workshops other than “Peaceful Investing” workshop, then will the subscribers of current “Peaceful Investing” Workshop-on-Demand subscription get automatic access to the videos of those advanced level thematic workshops?

Moreover, if you launch any other video lectures etc. in future, then will the subscribers of the current “Peaceful Investing” Workshop-on-Demand subscription get automatic access to those videos as well?

Ans. The current “Peaceful Investing” Workshop-on-Demand subscription is limited only to the videos of 9hr:30min of the complete full-day “Peaceful Investing” workshop, which we have recorded.

In case, we launch and record any advanced level thematic workshops in future or we launch any other video lecture service, then those videos will be separate premium services for the investors. The subscribers of the current “Peaceful Investing” Workshop-on-Demand service will not get automatic access to those future videos.

Interested investors may subscribe to those future video services separately.


Q. Will the participants of past “Peaceful Investing” workshops conducted by you in different cities in India and abroad, get complimentary access to the videos of the “Peaceful Investing” Workshop-on-Demand service?

Moreover, will the participants of future “Peaceful Investing” workshops, which you will conduct in different cities in future, get complimentary access to the videos of the “Peaceful Investing” Workshop-on-Demand service?

Ans. The physical “Peaceful Investing” workshops that we conduct in different cities and the videos of the “Peaceful Investing” Workshop-on-Demand are two separate premium services.

Attending a physical “Peaceful Investing” workshop does not lead to complimentary access to the videos of the “Peaceful Investing” Workshop-on-Demand service.

In case, any participant of the past or future “Peaceful Investing” workshop wants to watch the videos of the “Peaceful Investing” Workshop-on-Demand service to revise her learning, then she may separately subscribe to the videos to “Peaceful Investing” Workshop-on-Demand service.


Q. Is the information and guidance provided in the “Peaceful Investing” classroom workshop and the videos in the “Workshop on Demand” service, the same? or there is any difference between the two?

Ans. The information and the guidance in the “Peaceful Investing” classroom workshop as well as “Workshop on Demand” online videos is the same because the online videos are a recording of an actual “Peaceful Investing” classroom workshop.


Q. How should an investor compare the learning from the “Peaceful Investing” classroom workshop and the videos in the “Workshop on Demand” service?

Ans. The workshop-on-demand is a recording of an actual full-day “Peaceful Investing” workshop. Therefore, if an investor watches the videos, then she can vicariously attend the complete “Peaceful Investing” workshop.

There are a few aspects, which are exclusive to the actual “Peaceful Investing” workshop because the participants are physically present at the workshop venue:

  • Face to face answering of personal queries
  • Networking with other investors
  • Sharing of personal experiences with each other

On the other hand, online videos in the “Workshop on Demand” service offer the convenience of learning at a time and place of investor’s comfort. An investor may revise her learning by repeatedly watching the videos any number of times during the subscription period.

Moreover, we hold “Peaceful Investing” classroom workshops only in a few cities. Therefore, the “Workshop on Demand” video service provides a learning opportunity to those investors who stay in the cities where we are not able to conduct a “Peaceful Investing” classroom workshop.


Q. Once I subscribe to the “Workshop on Demand” service, then can I contact you for clarifications of my queries? If yes, then will you answer my queries for free or there are any charges for it?

Ans. Subscribers of the “Workshop on demand” video service may contact us for any of their queries by email at vijay.malik@drvijaymalik.com. We do not charge for answering the queries.


Q. Do you provide any of your e-books as a part of the “Workshop on Demand” video service?

Ans. Our e-books are not included in the charges for the “Workshop on Demand” video service. If an investor wants, then she may purchase them separately.


Q. I have purchased “Workshop-on-Demand” videos in the past. Am I eligible to get the discount on Stock Analysis Excel Template (Screener.in), if I buy the Excel Template now?

Ans. Unfortunately, the discount in the package of “Workshop-on-Demand videos + Excel Template (Discount Package)” is available only to the investors who subscribe for “Workshop-on-Demand” videos from now onward.

If other investors wish to avail discounts on the purchase of Stock Analysis Excel Template (Screener.in) or other eBooks, then they may look at the following Price Saver packages:


Q. I have purchased Stock Analysis Excel Template (Screener.in) in the past. Can I get a discount on the subscription charges for the “Workshop-on-Demand” videos?

Ans. Unfortunately, there are no discounts on the subscription charges for the “Workshop-on-Demand” videos based on previous purchases.

All the best for your investing journey!


Dr Vijay Malik

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“Peaceful Investing” Workshop-on-Demand
7,500.0015,000.00 All Inc.