E-book: “Peaceful Investing: A Simple Guide to Hassle-free Investing” (PDF)


This book contains key stock investing articles published on www.drvijaymalik.com covering all aspects of stock investing including stock selection, portfolio management, monitoring, selling etc.

The book is in PDF format.



Peaceful Investing – A Simple Guide to Hassle-free Stock InvestingReaders’ feedback about the book:


Dear Dr Vijay, I just finished reading your wonderful book and I wish to place on record my heartiest thanks & gratitude to you. You have so generously shared your wisdom that I am indebted to you forever. Best Regards,

– Rajesh Vaishnava (by email)

Dear Dr Vijay Malik sir, I attended the Peaceful Investing workshop in Delhi on 23rd October. It helped me a lot and changed my perspective of Value Investing completely. Especially, the peaceful investing book that you had provided to each of the participants, firmed the learning of workshop indeed.

– Saurabh Chaudhary (by email)

“Dr Vijay Malik, thanks a lot for your ebook. I have receommended it to many of my friends”

– Dr Jeykumar Thuirkonda (by Whatsapp)

Dear Dr Vijay Malik, Read about 30 pages. Excellent clarity. Thanks,

– Dr M P Bajaj (by email)

Table of Contents

The “Peaceful Investing – A Simple Guide to Hassle-free Stock Investing” book contains the following articles:

  1. Getting the Right Perspective towards Investing
  2. Choosing the Stock Picking Approach suitable to you
  3. Why I Left Technical Analysis And Never Returned To It!
  4. Shortlisting Companies for Detailed Analysis
  5. How to conduct Detailed Analysis of a Company
  6. Understanding the Annual Report of a Company
  7. How to do Financial Analysis of a Company
  8. 7 Signs to tell whether a Company is cooking its Books: “Financial Shenanigans”
  9. Self-Sustainable Growth Rate: a measure of Inherent Growth Potential of a Company
  10. How to do Valuation Analysis of a Company
  11. Hidden Risk of Investing in High P/E Stocks
  12. How to earn High Returns at Low Risk – Invest in Low P/E Stocks
  13. 3 Principles to Decide the Investable P/E Ratio of a Stock for Value Investors
  14. How to do Business & Industry Analysis of a Company
  15. Is Industry P/E Ratio Relevant to Investors?
  16. Why Management Assessment is the Most Critical Factor in Stock Investing?
  17. Steps to Assess Management Quality before Buying Stocks (Part 1)
  18. Steps to Assess Management Quality before Buying Stocks (Part 2)
  19. Steps to Assess Management Quality before Buying Stocks (Part 3)
  20. 3 Simple Ways to Assess “Margin of Safety”: The Cornerstone of Stock Investing
  21. 7 Important Reasons Why Every Stock Investor should read Credit Rating Reports
  22. Final Checklist for Buying Stocks
  23. 5 Simple Steps to Analyse Operating Performance of Companies
  24. How to Monitor Stocks in Your Portfolio
  25. Understanding & Interpreting Quarterly Results Filings of Companies
  26. How Many Stocks Should You Own In Your Portfolio?
  27. Trading Diary of a Value Investor
  28. When to Sell a Stock?
  29. 3 Guidelines for Selecting Stocks Ideal for Retail Equity Investors
  30. How to Use Screener.in “Export to Excel” Tool

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All the best for your investing journey!


Dr Vijay Malik

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