Key Instructions

The subscription service for “Follow Dr Vijay Malik’s Portfolio with Latest Buy/Sell Transaction Updates” involves the following features:
  1. Update by email about all the future transactions (buy as well as sell) in my portfolio at the end of the day of the transaction (after market closing hours) for one year from the date of subscription. The email update would contain the details of the stock bought/sold and the price at which the transaction was done.
  2. Access to the premium section containing updated details of my portfolio and the buy/sell transactions at this dedicated premium section during the subscription period.

The premium service has been commenced as an information source for the investors who wish to know about the stocks that I am buying currently or the stocks that I have sold recently.

However, there are certain key points of this service:

  1. The intimation to investors would always be after closing of the market hours on the day on which I have done any buy/sell transaction.
  2. There is no provision of any research report/recommendation note to be published/made available to investors as this service is to provide a glimpse to the investors into my personal portfolio management and related actions.
  3. This service has been designed to act as an information source to subscribers about the composition of my portfolio and the stocks that I am buying/selling currently. This is purely an information source and any further personalized services like advising individual clients on portfolio allocation etc. is not a part of this service.
  4. I would not be able to provide responses to questions about specific stocks in the portfolio and specific buy/sell decisions.
  5. This service does not include intimating the subscribers in advance about the buy/sell decisions that I would take about specific stocks.
  6. This is an subscription service. The access to premium features of this service would lapse after the subscription period is over unless the renewal is done.
  7. Once this premium service is availed, then there is no provision of any refund of the fee or the cancellation of the service during the period of subscription.

I wish that you would be able to generate significant wealth from the stock markets that would make you financially independent very soon!

All the best for your investing journey!


Dr. Vijay Malik